Brooklyn, N.Y. 1979.  I was 16 and bought my first car. It was a primered black  '68 coupe for 800 bucks.  It had a Holley 4 barrel,  Bald G-60 14's, High-jackers and  some chrome Moroso valve covers.  It was true love... I Didn't have much money back then (I was 16), so when it broke  I had 2 choices- it was either:
And that's when my journey began.
    Since then, for 25 years, fixing, improving and building Mustangs and classic Fords is all I've done.  Thousands of customers and Mustangs later that still is what I do best.  It's all we do.
   I Opened the first Mustang shop in N.Y. in 1985.  In 1991 we relocated to Burbank, C.A., where 4 employees and myself serviced and built Mustangs and Shelbys for Los Angelenos and Hollywood celebrities alike, for 11 years.  Some of our customers were: Neil Diamond's 57 T-bird, Ron Livingston's 69 coupe,  drummer Gary Novak's 65 coupe and 66 Hertz clone, Jeffrey Tambor's 72 convertible, Doug Fieger of the Knack's 70 Boss 302, Chip Meyer, Vance Duke on the Dukes of Hazzard,  Sage Stallone, Ray Charles's engineer (Ray doesn't drive!), and  many more. In addition, building and racing our own high-performance Mustangs and Shelbys at local drag strips, Willow Springs  and occasionally on Angeles Crest Highway (!) is how we spent our time off.
      Fast forward to 2004.  Packed up the parts and tools and re-opened the shop.  From the looks of cars we've worked on, so far it seems that a good Classic Mustang mechanic/builder is really needed. Much of the work we've done has been to re-do other "mechanics" and restorers screw-ups!
      Call us and have it done right the first time.  If you would like to be dealt with honestly, by an experienced Mustang/Ford only specialist who will give it to you straight and not make excuses then you need to contact us.
     We will tell it like it is, and work on your car as if it were our own.  Its not the fastest or the cheapest way, but we work on Mustangs for the love of it, not just the money.  From a simple tune up, to a complete stock restoration , road/race preparations or the wildest, custom built street machine you can imagine, we will make sure that your classic Mustang is all YOU expect it to be... and even more! Thanks.