'66 R-model clone with a 351 W
'66 GT 350 with a 289 HP

Custom '65 convertible with a Roller Cam
'68 GT 500 convertible with original 428 motor
'70 Shelby GT 350 with a 351 C.I.
'66 Hertz Tribute Clone with 289 Roller Motor
This '66 got our gauge package, 9" rear and full road-race suspension and more.
'68 Mustang with 5.0 late model roller motor and 5-speed.
'69 Mach 1 has a 408 stroker, top loader and rack and pinion steering.
Check back with us later, we have many, many more pictures to download.
Here is a rear shot of the same car.
2 happy customers who happen to be a policeman and a fireman and are friends too. 
The '70 to the left has a 393 stroker, hydraulic roller cam and 4.30 9 inch. Think twice before you race this guy if you see him at a stoplight!
A nice '66 coupe with a strong running 289.
This clean '65 fastback has a stock 289 and was even cooler after we installed an original Ford A/C system.
A '65 fastback with Shelby stripes and it's proud owner.
The owner of this '65 coupe said after we worked on it that his car never drove so good since he has owned it.